Indonesian Rijsttafel Experience

Indonesian Rijsttafel Experience explores the many tastes of Indonesian food, set out on the table on small plates. The Rijsttafel means rice table in Dutch



06.00pm – 10.00pm

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Do you know why in Amsterdam is famed for its Indonesian and Surinamese food? Between 1800 and 1949, Indonesia acknowledges as the Dutch East Indies, Colony of the Netherlands. The Dutch have prominence in the spice import trade throughout the 19th centuries.

Rijsttafel is the combination of two words “rijst,” and “tafel” which is mean Rice Table. While the ingredients of rijsttafel are mostly Indonesian, but the concept of a rijsttafel is wholly Dutch. If Indonesian people most likely eat one or two dishes in a single sitting; the Dutch colonials can eat 20 or even 30 dishes to appear, in varying tastes and spiciness. Dutch colony wanted to show off the abundance to their guests with the richness of Indonesian foods. Although after more than 65 years ago Indonesia declares its independence from the Netherlands, the rijsttafel tradition stuck until now – at least its recipe and concept.

The most favorites Rijsttafel Nusantara menu will consist of Mixed Satays, Jumbo Prawns with Honey, Balinese Shredded Chicken, Beef Rendang, Potato Fritters, Jack Fruit Curry, Sweet Soy-Grilled Mahi Mahi, and Mixed Vegetables with Coconut. This set of the menu will be served with two kinds of rice; Yellow Rice and Steam Rice. And also accompanied by Jakarta beef and coconut soup and sliced seasonal fruit as dessert.

Nowadays, the rice table has practically disappeared from Indonesia’s restaurants and is served only by a handful of fine-dining Indonesia restaurants, The Long Rice Table.

Rijsttafel Nusantara menu starts from
IDR 580,000++ / set menu
(Inclusive of coffee or tea)