Bali’s Silent Night is a sacred ceremony to commemorate the Saka New Year according to the Balinese calendar. In this auspicious occasion of self-reflection activities that interfere with this purpose including bright lights, entertainments, traveling, and loud sounds will be prohibited. Hence, a moment to truly enjoy the peaceful and tranquil night in Bali.

Harmonize with Bali’s natural paradise during our Silent Day’s retreat. Our exclusive retreat offers you a serene sanctuary to reflect, relax, and recharge in peace. Unwind with special amenities and embrace the stillness as the world quiets down. Discover the true essence of quietude with us and emerge rejuvenated!

Make the most of this immersive and unique experience which includes:

  • Ogoh-Ogoh making.
  • Daily breakfast for two.
  • 15 % discounted spa treatment.

During your stay at our hotel take this chance to recoup with our grand Balinese styled buffet at our Junior Ballroom and immerse in its exquisite flavors as we bring the cultural delights of Bali this silent night. In this event the Balinese history will be highlighted with various events including a theatrical display of Bali’s culture throughout the years.

The Silent Night Dinner is Available at IDR 375++


Available from March 10 – March 12, 2024.