We provide special theme events for small meetings up to international scale conferences. You may choose from painter studio theme until the director's cut.


Play maestros in our make believe Andy Warhol’s studio. With a colorful pop-art set up, refreshments in arty presentation, and bespoke banquet team dressed up as raw artist, your creative juices will keep flowing during meetings.


Because a healthy life is a lifestyle itself, we provide selection of healthy refreshments and herbal drinks for you to enjoy during your meeting breaks.


You’ll feel like you are in a Hollywood’s movie set with big shot actors and actresses names surrounds you as you enter the red carpet set.  And of course, the most wanted Director’s seat is available on request.


Eat to the beat with our 50’s style food while entertained by music from the era. Let the stylish and sophisticated 50’s décor jump start your mood during meeting breaks.


Bring the good “bad boy” in you during meeting breaks. With graffiti and hip-hop music serenading you while you enjoy street food delicacies.


Not a Master Chef show kitchen, but close. As the name suggest, Kitchen themed break allows you to feel that you are in a world-class Chef kitchen when you are actually at a very important meeting.


Refresh your tired eyes in a  neutral white room and refill your sugar crave with a selection of white chocolates and desserts.